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Crane and Rigging Rental is dedicated to delivering top-notch service and high-quality equipment to ensure your projects run smoothly. We specialize in providing comprehensive lift plans and ground bearing analysis using the latest AutoCAD and manufacturer's software, ensuring you have the right equipment for every job.

Our in-house technicians meticulously review all crane functions and computer settings upon delivery, addressing any questions or concerns you might have. At Crane and Rigging Rental, safety is paramount. We strictly adhere to the latest safety regulations, with all equipment routinely inspected and maintained by our trained crane technicians.

With years of experience and a personalized touch, Crane and Rigging Rental can expertly analyze your next project, offering cost-effective solutions to overcome any challenges. Trust us to help you achieve your goals efficiently and safely.

New Constructions | Crane & Rigging Rental

New Constuctions

Reliable and efficient crane rentals for all your new construction projects. Our cranes ensure timely and safe lifting operations.

Steel Assemblies | Crane & Rigging Rental

Steel Assemblies

Specialized in steel assemblies, our cranes provide the precision and strength needed for lifting heavy steel components efficiently.

Long-Term Projects | Crane & Rigging Rental

Long-Term Projects

Offering long-term crane rentals tailored to your project needs. Our cranes are available for extended periods to support your ongoing operations

Demolitions | Crane and Rigging Rental


Powerful crane solutions for demolition projects. Our cranes can handle the heavy lifting required to safely dismantle structures.

Precasts | Crane and Rigging Rental


Expert crane services for precast installations. Our cranes ensure accurate and secure placement of precast concrete elements.

Bridge Constructions | Crane and Rigging Rental

Bridge Constructions

Dependable crane rentals for bridge construction projects. Our cranes are equipped to handle the heavy lifting and precise placement needed for bridge building.

Rough Terrain / Crawler Crane Inventory

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ModelLoad Capacity / Type Technical Data
Tadano GR350XL35 Tons / Rough TerrainTechnical Data PDF
Tadano GR559XL55 Tons / Rough TerrainTechnical Data PDF
Grove RT760E60 Tons / Rough TerrainTechnical Data PDF
Grove RT765E-265 Tons / Rough Terrain
Technical Data PDF
Grove RT770E70 Tons / Rough Terrain
Technical Data PDF
Tadano GR750XL75 Tons / Rough TerrainTechnical Data PDF
Grove RT890E90 Tons / Rough TerrainTechnical Data PDF
Tadano GR1000XL100 Tons / Rough TerrainTechnical Data PDF
Tadano GR1600XL160 Tons / Rough TerrainTechnical Data PDF
Kobelco CK1100G110 Tons / CrawlerTechnical Data PDF
Kobelco CK1600G160 Tons / CrawlerTechnical Data PDF-1

Technical Data PDF-2
Showing entries (filtered from total entries)
Grove by Manitowoc


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